Care is not the most important side of health.

I believe that the ultimate goal in healthcare is individual attention. Everyone is an individual. Therefore, what I have taught and continue to teach — and why top medical professionals seek my guidance and assistance — is a clear, concise, and didactic manner to stop selling care and healthcare and start providing results as a health provider. This unique IP that I bring to all health-related advisory boards, administrators, and clinicians I work with is why I’ve worked in so many sectors of medicine. My core principles are as applicable to a general provider as they are to any specialist. Providing a result to a patient will always be more valuable than providing care. It is unnecessary to sell care in any regard when a result offers all the care that is needed (as well as wanted). Patients go to a medical professional looking for direction, not necessarily answers (as there are extenuating circumstances in certain cases). Therefore, it is important for the medical system to give the patient informed consent and manage expectations by providing a complete, clear, and transparent service. This is achieved through individually communicating a straightforward and purpose-driven direction that allows the patient to not just participate but be involved in their well-being in terms of comprehending and affecting their health status.



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Steve Douglas

Steve is a Canadian polymath whose pro music career officially began at age 4 when he performed live @ Wembley Stadium. His focus = tangibly benefiting youth.