I exist in this world to drink milk, not to count cows.

In this new world where reality is an afterthought and the internet is the “new and improved” existence of comparison, unhealthy competition, and ridicule, it is important to note that I understand and respect the times for what they are. With that said, that doesn’t mean I have to participate.

I am of the uncommon philosophy that competition with another human in this life isn’t worth it on any level — even when it feels like it is in the moment. For me, personally and individually, competition occurs within my mind and my body in terms of fitness. That internal competition and entertainment consume most of my energy. Therefore, it’s not that I’m exempt from being competitive with others. Rather, it is that I seem to heavily favor competition with myself over any other form of competition.

This natural capacity for self-competition has existed in me since I remember remembering. It has been a consistent theme from my childhood to the present day. It’s been so consistent that it’s made me abnormally and inaccurately unaware of my triumphs and small notable accomplishments over the years. I’m so used to fine-tunning that I neglected/negated staying tuned, which is unbalanced. This makes sense to me because of my hard and fast nature.

My nature tends to make me too black and white at the wrong times. Working through the more challenging aspects of my Behavioral RNA™️ has always been a challenge. My parents’ consistent and unconditional guidance and care have made the challenges manageable as opposed to me beating myself up for not possessing the skill set to deal with my mind and body. Staying tuned is the infrastructure that allows one to gain fitness in both mind and body. This process starts and ends with self-awareness. Self-awareness has always been a challenge for me, but I have become better at it through tireless practice, determination, and unwavering focus. Competing with myself is where I reside and will always reside regardless of whatever primary digital traditions the world adopts.

Where do you stand in terms of comparison with others from a competitive standpoint?



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Steve Douglas

Steve is a Canadian polymath whose pro music career officially began at age 4 when he performed live @ Wembley Stadium. His focus = tangibly benefiting youth.