Mrs. Kirby-Lynn

Steve Douglas
2 min readDec 2, 2022

The holidays will always be a memorable time for my family and me. The holidays are a season full of memories for most people. Each of us has some great holiday memories, as well as some that are not-so-great.

My primary focus has always been the powerful memories of growing up with very powerful, influential family members — my grandmother among them — who didn’t just provide guidance but gave purposeful instruction to make sure that I was my best guide at all times. Both my Grandma and Grandad prepared me at every turn for life’s twists and turns, as well as the unknowns that are unknown.

Five years ago this week, we lost my grandmother, Mrs. Kirby-Lynn. She is deeply loved and missed, but her presence stays with us always, especially this time of year.

5 years ago
My world was never the same without you in it.
Your teaching.
Your passion for doing what’s right.
Your fight for justice as well as kindness to all people
Is what I carry in my heart every day I get the blessing to get up in the morning and face a grateful day.
Your influence as well as your example rests in our hearts as a mark that is as indelible as your voice and its presence.

I love you Grandma.



Steve Douglas

Steve is a Canadian polymath whose pro music career officially began at age 4 when he performed live @ Wembley Stadium. His focus = tangibly benefiting youth.