There is human nature and then there is human nature with power.

Steve Douglas
4 min readSep 13, 2022


Our nature as humans will always be simply complex. These complexities are within us all, from those who choose actions irresponsibly all the way to the other end of the spectrum of individuals not only choosing their actions responsibly but being able to articulate their actions as well as the thought process to arrive at their conclusions.

From a superficial perspective, one may create the illusion that being able to articulate one’s actions and thought process is somehow less complicated than one who is unable to articulate and simply feels their way through life. But the bottom line is this: both sides — as well as those who fall somewhere in between — are rooted in emotion, regardless of its stability. Meaning that just because one is more stable than another doesn’t absolve them of the responsibility of being able to manage their emotional state and the actions that follow in direct proportion. This baseline of human existence is complex since we all have daily choices that affect our long-term more than we realize at any particular moment.

Adding to this already complex baseline is when recognition, acknowledgment, and resources are funneled into a particular person without them having context on what those three powerful constructs mean in this life. Those three powerful constructs of society that any and every individual needs and/or desires regardless of humility, perspective, or Behavioral RNA™️ are baked into our nature. Some of us have more of these than others. As a result, they can cause one to feel a greater sense of purpose than others. My particular reality is that we all have our significant place on this planet and without one we don’t have the other. Therefore, at baseline, it is important to treat every person with respect and strive hourly to be as competent in emotional intelligence as one’s capability permits. Without this constant work of acknowledgment and refinement, power (along with the resources which usually accompany it) will be misused, misaligned, and wielded as a weapon to harm others even with the best intention. Alternately, with the consistent effort of respect and exercising one’s emotional intelligence, power can be used to tangibly help others (and, most vitally, help others to help themselves).

Being a human is powerful unto itself. Our perception of reality, however, is that being human is never enough. Therefore when we attain what we deem as “success”, a misalignment traditionally occurs in which the individual no longer deems it necessary to see themselves as a part of the collective but, rather, above the collective. In truth, no one man is above the collective, no matter how powerful, intelligent, or well-equipped (with resources) they may be.

Whether it’s a head of a family, organization, corporation, or musical band, it’s important for the leader in all verticals to perform like a drummer. The drummer has the most power because the drummer holds the key beyond the notes: rhythm. Time is an issue that we all have to subscribe to. Therefore, without acknowledgment of the time that is constantly being depleted from all our lives regardless of status, one will be unable to gain clarity on the nature of being human versus that of attaining power. Power doesn’t ever change being human, the need for others, the need for love, and, most importantly, the need for self-awareness. Those that feel differently (the operative word being “feel”) can be seen in the media or even in the private sector not only destroying their lives but many times unintentionally destroying the lives of others with an “ignorance is bliss” attitude that they mistake for happiness. This common misstep is why we must all note that human nature can become even more complex than it already is when it is not observed from a place of healthy skepticism. For one to trust themselves, one must first understand their blind spots and weaknesses before giving themselves credit for their capabilities. Without this order of operations, there is not only a high probability of dysfunction both personally and professionally, but it almost guarantees failure with any success.


We all have a human baseline.

Where complication ensues is when one thinks or believes they are above or excluded from the baseline.

Human nature exists in all people, regardless of the amount of power they have.

When humans attain power, they can either acknowledge that their human nature persists and approach power with that in mind or pretend that their power absolves them or places them above their human nature. The latter leads to destructive outcomes both internally and externally as the nature of one being human will remain regardless of the individual’s opinion of it.



Steve Douglas

Steve is a Canadian polymath whose pro music career officially began at age 4 when he performed live @ Wembley Stadium. His focus = tangibly benefiting youth.